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Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors require special care. Regular maintenance on your hardwood floors will ensure that they not only look great but are protected for years to come. Professional cleaning, buffing, old wax removal, and refinishing will help prevent deep streaks, stains, and scratches. Hardwood floors are beautiful real estate assets that require consistent care to maintain.


If your hardwood floors have light surface blemishes and scratches, our screen and recoat service may be the best option for floors; especially if your floors have lost their sheen and are no longer appealing like they once were. Our screen and recoat process is for light, surface-level scratches on your hardwood floors where the layer of is wearing down. Our screen and recoat service does not however remove scratches  that have gone down into the wood. We call this our sandless refinishing service where floor sanding is not necessary. The recoating process provides 2 additional protective layers using a commercial-grade polyurethane. This can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years depending on lifestyle and floor traffic. The extra wear layers also makes the floor look better with a heavenly sheen. Our refinishers come in satin, semi-gloss and high gloss. If you are unsure how deep the scratches on your floors are, give us a call. We would be happy to come out and assess your floors and provide you with options for making your floors look great again. 

Most hardwood floor owners love to have a beautifully maintained floor that looks beautiful every day. Unfortunately, most hardwood floors accumulate embedded soil and grime from years of usage. This causes the surface to become dull and lose its beauty. If the scratches are superficial and the finish, as well as the wood beneath are in good shape - cleaning and buffing is the right service to get your floors back in shape!   

Hardwood floor cleaning and buffing is not an aggressive process, but having the right tools is essential in removing dirt and grime to restore them like new. With our thorough clean and buff method we'll have your floors looking great again in no time. We'd love the opportunity to stop by and provide an assessment for your floors.

Screen & Recoating

Clean & Buff

Wax Removal

Wax, acrylic and other products can build up on your floors, leaving hard to remove deposits that collect soil, bacteria and leave your floors looking rough. We have the knowledge equipment and to remove these products to restore your floors to their original luster.

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