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Stone Care

Stone of all types are sensitive and require special care. Travertine, Limestone, Marble, Onyx, Granite, Slate and all other stone must be properly cared for to insure they are protected.


Cleaning & Sealing

Polishing & Reconditioning

Our cleaning and sealing system utilizes the latest cleaning equipment, stone safe cleaning solutions to clean all grime, oils and build up. leaving your surfaces free of contaminants. once our thorough cleaning is done we apply our penetrative clear seal onto the stone to help prevent future soils from absorbing into the stone. 

Sometimes your stone gets acid etched, worn or damaged from different cleaning solutions. A diamond pad refinishing is what will be needed to restore the floors and get them back the finish you desire. Weather it be a honed, matte or gloss finish, give a call so we can help.

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